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Our Response to Covid-19

Pidge has, since its inception, adhered to high standards of hygiene and security. We have been able to prove it through our diligent and swift response in coping with the current pandemic. Being categorized as an essential service by the government, we duly recognize the additional responsibility that is cast upon us, and continue to […]

Selecting Our Riders: One Step at a Time

Selecting Our Riders: One Step at a Time

Pidge has been found and created on a firm belief that our services are directly proportional to the quality of our frontline executives. The consumer experience that we promise to deliver, and which lies at the core of Pidge, is determined by people who deliver it at the customer’s doorstep. So, we have always seen […]

Pidge-courier delivery service

Building a brand-led business

Part 1: It’s All About You Spending seven years in the United States, and over the course of my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, I had developed a personal brand whose promise I could uphold and upkeep. A brand embodied by empathy, critical thought, and an unwavering commitment to improvement and excellence. As I made my […]


ODE 2.0: Convenience Meets Experience

The on-demand economy (ODE) revolutionized how individuals manage their lives. It provided easy and convenient access to products or services to instantly satiate daily needs. The emergence of on-demand services was built on mobile technologies that dramatically changed the definition of convenience. By simplifying complex supply chains, brands were able to automate consumers’ lives. The […]

Creating Brand Ambassadors

The idea of “gigs” has become commonplace in India. But the glitzy term is nothing but a glorified word for temporary employment where the individual worker’s income potential is at the behest of the employing organization. Many young Indians are attracted to the gig bandwagon. Who doesn’t want the freedom to be their own boss? […]

Where it all begins

Starting my own venture in India always seemed like the natural thing to me but was it an emotional bias or an objective choice? Turns out – my growth story and India’s growth story goes hand in hand back to 1991; since then we have shared the same aspiration to outperform what’s expected of us. […]